Physics Department Courses (Spring 2019)

109AstronomyE. Carlson
110, 110LIntroductory Physics (& Lab)J. Dostal
110, 110LIntroductory Physics (& Lab) M. Guthold
113, 113LGeneral Physics I (& Lab)B. He
114, 114LGeneral Physics II (& Lab)M. Guthold
114, 114LGeneral Physics II (& Lab)
D. Kim-Shapiro
114, 114LGeneral Physics II (& Lab) B. He
115The Physics of MusicJ. Dostal
120, 120LPhysics & Chemistry of EnvironJ. Macosko, A. Lachgar (Chem)
123General Physics I HonorsJ. Dostal
124, 124LGeneral Physics II HonorsG. Matthews
230ElectronicsO. Jurchescu
262MechanicsF. Salsbury
266Intermediate LaboratoryF. Salsbury, D. Carroll
301/601Physics SeminarP. Anderson
335/691 EGComputational PhysicsG. Cook
340/640Electricity and MagnetismD. Carroll
341/641Thermodynamics & Stat MechP. Anderson
344/644Quantum PhysicsT. Thonhauser
355/655Exotic MaterialsD. Carroll
363/663Condensed Matter SeminarT. Thonhauser, N. Holzwarth
391D/691AGSpec Top. Electron ImagingSTAFF
712ElectrodynamicsN. Holzwarth
742Quantum MechanicsE. Carlson
773Radiation Therapy PhysicsJ. Bourland (Med School)
792Thesis Research I
892Dissertation Research I


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