Courses – 2018 Fall

109AstronomyG. Cook
110, 110LIntroductory Physics (& Lab)J. Dostal
113, 113LGeneral Physics I (& Lab)F. Salsbury, M. Guthold, B. He
114, 114LGeneral Physics II (& Lab)G. Cook, B. He
123, 123LGeneral Physics I Honors (& Lab)G. Matthews
215Elementary Modern PhysicsE. Carlson
265Intermediate LaboratoryK. Bonin
301/601Physics SeminarN. Holzwarth
320/620Physics of Biological MacromoleculesS. Cho
337/637Analytical MechanicsD. Carroll
339/639Electricity and MagnetismD. Carroll
343/643Quantum PhysicsP. Anderson
352/352LPhysical Optics and Optical Design (& Lab)K. Ucer
357/657Scanning ProbesD. Carroll, M. Guthold
363/663Condensed Matter SeminarT. Thonhauser, N. Holzwarth
385/685BioinformaticsW. Turkett (CS)
711Classical Mechanics and Mathematical MethodsN. Holzwarth
741Quantum MechanicsE. Carlson
752Solid State
T. Thonhauser
D. Bourland (Med School)
774Physics of
Medical Imaging
D. Bourland (Med School)
789Survival Skills for ScientistsT. Thonhauser
791Thesis Research I
891Dissertation Research I


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