In Memory of Bingrui (Zach) Zhang

Bingrui Zach Zhang portraitOn Tuesday, June 19, 2018 rising junior and biophysics major Bingrui (Zach) Zhang passed away.  We mourn the loss of a wonderful person, friend, student, colleague and researcher.   Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family.

Zach joined the Physics department in the fall of 2017.  He had taken several classes in the Physics department and he worked as a researcher in the Guthold/Bonin lab.  He was an excellent student, and an enthusiastic, deeply involved student-researcher.  He had also won a $4000 URECA fellowship to be a full-time researcher in the Guthold/Bonin lab for the summer of 2018.  Zach is remembered as cheerful, hard-working, helpful to everybody, and also as very inquisitive and interested in his research project.  He was working on the characterization of electrospun nanofibers that might be used in tissue engineering and biomedical research.  His goal was to go to graduate school in biomedical engineering.

He had made significant progress in his research project and the data he obtained were of such high quality, that they will be published with him as co-author, which is the real stamp of approval in the scientific community.

A longer memorial with thoughts and contributions by many of his colleagues and friends can be found at this link (